A little bit about us. A lot about you.

Joe Public is made up of people who thrive when it comes to story telling, with communications that not only engage, but empower as well. Quite simply, our greatest achievement is making your message work harder than ever. It may sound corny. But it's what keeps us working. And ultimately what keeps your brand working as well.

Mel's Story

Melinda Kerr has worked in advertising and communications for 25 years. Her work has spanned most of the big agencies in Melbourne, including JWT, Clemenger Harvie, FCB, Mojo and DDB - along with running Joe Public for ten years. Mel is a writer•videographer•photographer - in short a storyteller. One who gets brands, who gets people, and who gets brands to get people. There is passion and compassion in her words and insights. An empathy which communicates profoundly.

Kim's Story

Kim Hellier is an Art Director with over 20 years experience. Having studied Art Direction both here and in London, Kim has won more Advertising Awards than we dare to mention. Her sense of style is exquisite and her conceptual ability is as smart as it it effective. Kim holds a Masters in Communication Design and is as passionate about perfection today as she was when she began her career.  

Kerry's Story

Kerry Hodge is an Art Director of 2o years experience. She has worked for big names here and abroad and in that time become somewhat of a name herself - known for beautiful art direction, amazing ideas and a great ability to think inside and outside the square. A purist and a realist, Kerry (or Hodgey as she's known to her friends) gets there's no point something looking great if it doesn't communicate. But if you can get it to look great and communicate? Well, then you're talking...


Tony's Story

Tony Hardy (or Tiger as he's known) is a natural, born storyteller. Not only has he written award winning communications for a myriad of brands - he's penned three successful books and has more in the works. Tony brings an authentic integrity to his work. Creating insights from the real world with a deep understanding of who people are and what they're about. His capacity to retrieve compelling stories from his innate curiosity and empathy is renowned.